Why Do Some Products Work Great for Others but Not for Me?

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Has your friend ever told you about some “amazing” skincare product that you just need to try for yourself? Perhaps you’ve even asked how they get their skin looking as flawless as it does. Next thing you know, you bought the same product, have been using it for a while now, and have no results. Even worse, your skin was doing much better before you ever tried their recommendation! It’s just because all of our skin is unique and different from one another. Our skin reacts to different products that vary for each person! So, when you ask what products they are using to take care of their skin, you’re gonna want to know about their skin type.

Skin types. It’s super important to any skincare routine. If you don’t know your skin type, then you probably aren’t getting the most out of your skincare routine as you can. If you feel like you’ve been doing everything right, but you still can’t seem to get that showstopping skin, then this could totally be your problem.

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There are five different main categories for skin types, and knowing which one is yours could change your skin forever (in the best way).

1.Normal Skin

Honestly, it is the perfect skin. If you have normal skin, using a fairly basic skincare regimen and product will work just fine for you. This means it is neither too dry nor oily as well as having little to no imperfections.

2. Sensitive Skin

On the other hand, sensitive skin is, well, sensitive. It reacts to particular products or stimuli much more easily than other skin types. It is a very delicate skin type that needs great care. It doesn’t have quite as strong of a barrier as other skin types, which causes it to become irritated and uncomfortable. Look for sensitive skin products, and talk to our professionals to get the best option for your skin.

3. Dry Skin

Dry skin is usually caused by weather and other factors outside of our control. Dry skin is much more susceptible to cracking and infections if not cared for properly. The cracked skin leaves room for bacteria to come in and do some serious damage, and it can cause skin disorders like eczema if not treated right.

4. Oily Skin

Essentially the opposite of dry skin. It is porous and causes more prevalent acne. It is the result of sebaceous glands making too much fat and can have a genetic or hormonal origin.

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5. Combination Skin

If you feel like you fit in between dry and oily skin, you probably have a combination type! For example, your face could have normal to dry skin except in the T-zone. It is caused by an uneven distribution of oil production that causes this type to occur.

There are also three subcategories of specific skin imperfections that require even more specialized care. These are: scaly skin, red spots, and skin moles.

This specialized care can be found at Luminessence, where we not only treat specific skin conditions, but also can make completely unique skincare routines for all skin types. We offer completely personalized skincare treatments at Luminessence as well as creating a sustainable and perfect routine just for you. Call us today to schedule a consultation with one of our skincare experts today to get your skin in the best condition of your life!


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