The Secret to Flawless Skin

by | Jun 19, 2020 | Clinical Aesthetics | 0 comments

It is something we all strive for, the one thing in life that seems to be a never-ending process: flawless skin. From the first day we learn to wash our face, it becomes yet another pesky thing for us to worry about. We need to make sure our skin is not only clean but also beautiful and glowing! However, some of us have conditions that a facial cleanser just can’t take care of. Yes, you know what I am talking about… those little blemishes that seem to only get more noticeable the older we have gotten. However, look no further, your flawless skin dreams are totally going to come true with a Lamprobe treatment.

Okay, wait… what is a Lamprobe treatment? Well, you see this is an advanced technology that treats minor skin conditions in record time. The results are instantaneous and a treatment can be as quick as 3 seconds! Three seconds to flawless skin? Um, yes please, sign me up immediately.

Some skin irregularities that the Lamprobe can help treat are dilated capillaries, sebaceous hyperplasia, keratoses, skin tags, spider naevi, and seriously so much more. I know, I know… it totally seems way too good to be true, but honey, I am telling you right now that this is the real deal.

The Lamprobe treatment comes with more than just immediate results. It is simple to use, there is almost no discomfort, and it is effective for all skin types. You don’t even need to get anesthesia to get this treatment. Can I get a “yes queen!”?

After having looked at some before and after photographs, my jaw dropped. The results are incredible, and I never endorse anything I don’t believe in! This photo comes courtesy of the Lamprobe company website.

Beautiful skin doesn’t just make you beautiful, it can help with your confidence in everyday life. Having those little blemishes that cause insecurities are seriously so minor! If you can change that, make your skin look great, and just overall feel so good about how you feel? Why wouldn’t you want to get a Lamprobe treatment? Call Luminessence to schedule a consultation about how we can best help you.


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