Most of us have those stubborn places where we just wished hair couldn’t grow—legs, arms, and everything else! You have attempted to shave these areas as best you could, but it never seems to be good enough. There are always those areas that you somehow miss, and it can be quite annoying. Perhaps you have thought about waxing or other common ways of hair removal, but you feel nervous or apprehensive to try. Well, never fear because sugaring hair removal is here! Sugaring is a great alternative to the traditional waxing method because of its gentleness on the skin, eco-friendly components, and its effectiveness!

What is sugaring?

Sugaring, or sugar waxing, is a 100% natural technique that is ideal for removing unwanted hair from sensitive skin. It is completely environmentally friendly and vegan. You do not have to wonder or worry about what chemicals or odd perfumes might have been added to the product, like you do in some other methods, and therefore, you do not have the chance of an allergic reaction after sugaring! It is a great alternative if you are trying to help the environment and your skin. Who wouldn’t want that?

This method is also known for its effectiveness and safety. It has been shown that the results from sugaring are long-lasting and even prevents the regrowth of stubbly hair. Sugaring is also able to remove extremely short hair easily, giving you the cleanest and smoothest skin! Much of this is due to the fact that sugaring removes hair following the natural direction of hair growth of a particular area. This helps prevent irritating the skin and ensures the least amount of discomfort during the process as possible. It is one of the safest methods of hair removal and greatly reduces the possibility of ingrown hair.

Sugaring hair removal is definitely something to consider if you are unsure about other removal techniques or if you have a history of sensitive skin. So, if you are looking to treat your skin right and keep it smooth, get some sugaring done today! You can schedule an appointment by calling Luminessence Medi-Spa at (479) 250-1120 or stopping by the Spa.