You might be asking yourself, “what is platelet-rich plasma, and what does it have to do with hair rejuvenation?” Well, if you are starting to have problems with hair loss, the information ahead of you could prove to be quite useful. We all get scared at the thought of losing our hair, but get rid of that fear because there is a solution!

Alright, so simply put, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a non-surgical treatment for those that have started to experience the first stages of hair loss. This treatment works for both men and women, and what better news is that? PRP treatment has recently gained popularity, and much of its popularity is because of the treatment’s effectiveness and noninvasive qualities.

How does it work?

Platelet-rich plasma is a concentration that comes directly from the patient’s very own blood. The plasma has extraordinary qualities that help hair growth when injected in the scalp. PRP can actually stimulate hair follicles to remain in the growth stage. This means that the results are longer, fuller, and better hair!

The PRP concentration is drawn from the blood that has been placed in a machine. Once in the machine, the patient’s plasma platelets are separated from the blood to create the concentration. Then, the PRP concentration is directed in the patient’s scalp, and the procedure is over. Overall, you can expect the treatment session to last around 20 minutes or even less! How easy is that?

Plasma-rich platelet treatment is considered to be one of the safer options for hair rejuvenation processes, and the risk factor are low. You’ll be able to see the results quickly, and you’ll be flaunting that luscious hair in no time! It is recommended to go in a few times a year in order to reach the maximum benefits, but just remember, everyone’s treatment plan is different!

Need help deciding if you need PRP? Still not entirely convinced this is the treatment for you? Let one of the experts down at Luminessence help you! They would be more than thrilled to aid in your journey on looking and feeling your best!