What to Know Before You Get Fillers

by | Dec 30, 2019 | Injectables & Fillers

If you are thinking about looking into the market for beauty enhancements, fillers might be your answer. Looking for reduced wrinkles and smoother skin? Filler. Luscious lips? Filler. A little bounce in the cheeks? Filler. Here are some pointers to help decide if you want to invest in filler treatments.

First things first: don’t confuse filler with Botox because they are not the same! Dermal fillers are made to literally “fill” out the face, which reduces the amount of wrinkled skin. Botox and other similar treatments are used to essentially “freeze” the muscles so that the likelihood of wrinkles is lessened. Fillers and Botox are also made differently so that affects how they change the person’s skin. Fillers are made from hyaluronic acid, and this happens to be something naturally found in the skin. This helps increase the effectiveness and longevity of the results.

Secondly, dermal fillers prove to be a better option because, after just one injection, the results can be seen for several months at a time. Smoother and fuller skin is much more tangible with fillers as opposed to other treatments. The typical timeline between each filler injection can be anywhere from 3 to 6 months, and sometimes even longer. The length can depend on the location of each injection. Recent studies have even shown that fillers can promote the production of collagen, producing even better-looking skin.

Another great thing about fillers is that they don’t just treat the wrinkles and imperfections you have on your skin. Dermal fillers can prevent wrinkles before they appear. Now, this does not mean you should go out and get filler before you need it, but this is a good option to maintain plump skin before it disappears.

The last thing to consider before getting fillers is who does the treatment for you. It is pertinent to find a reputable business that knows exactly how to properly inject dermal fillers. Here at Luminessence, we can ensure that you will not be disappointed with the results of our fillers. We treat our clients with great attention and care, and we provide the best experience. Call us or visit us to schedule an appointment if you’re interested in dermal filler treatment.