Let’s Handle It – Filler for Your Hands

by | Sep 22, 2020 | Injectables & Fillers

Guys, I’ll be honest… I was unaware that you could get fillers for your hands. Surprised too? I know! You truly learn something new every day. So, after having found out this new knowledge… I had to research this further for my personal curiosity and so I could give you guys good content! Anyways, let me tell you about these before and after photos: absolutely incredible. If you have ever wished you could get filler in your hands, well, you are in luck. This is no wishy-washy thing, this actually works! Okay, so now that I have hyped this up, let me tell you some actual facts about why fillers for hands could be a great option for you (if that is what you’re looking for, of course!).

As many women get older, our hands tend to lose their youth, and they don’t look quite as smooth and full as they once did. However, you can reverse the aging with the use of hand fillers! Sometimes we just aren’t ready to see the effects of aging, especially in places we never thought about. Now, we can do something about it. Our hands are just as exposed to the sun as our face and neck, so it makes sense that it would see the same aging effects. However, it isn’t just about the sun damage that wrinkles our skin and makes them less full. Our hands are just as susceptible to volume loss as our faces. Think of the bounciness in your skin from collagen, in theory, it is the same principle! Volume loss equals more prominence of tendons and veins, and that is where the filler comes in handy.

Hand comparison

The treatment works by using a dermal filler injection. Once injected, it plumps the skin and smooths wrinkles out, virtually reversing years of aging effects. Also, something even cooler about this filler is that it actually supports the production collagen.

How does it do this?

Well, the filler contains super tiny microspheres that are hanging around in an aqueous gel. It acts as a stable base for building up the collagen. Over time, the body absorbs the gel and the microspheres is metabolized. In the end? Only your natural and way stronger collagen is left, creating some fabulous looking hands. This means that the effects of the filler are lasting and worth every penny.


If you have aging hands that you just aren’t vibing with, then I would absolutely recommend this treatment for you. It is a great option with great benefits. Seems like a win-win to me. I might be booking an appointment soon, and so should you!