We all remember being preteens and well into our teenage years when acne felt like it was overtaking our lives. Oh puberty, how none of us miss you! Anyways, acne usually lessens as we get older, but there is the chance that you have random breakouts or acne-prone skin well into adulthood. Don’t sweat it, it happens to the best of us, and there are plenty of ways to help you combat those pesky pimples!

First off, it is important to understand what acne is and how it forms. Simply put, our face is covered in super tiny hair follicles and pores. Inside each pore is an oil-producing gland. These glands allow for oil to come through and moisturize the skin, so what happens when the pores can’t do that? When the pores get blocked by dirt or dead skin, bacteria has the chance to grow. Next, since the oils are trapped and the system is attempting to fight the bacteria, there is going to be inflammation. Then, bingo you’ve got some acne! There are some pretty simple steps you can take RIGHT NOW to help reduce chances of pimples.

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  • Are you using the right products?

Hellooo. Number one common mistake is not using the correct products for your skin needs. You can’t simply just buy all-in-one skincare products and expect fabulous skin. If you are not using proper skincare products, you are causing your skin more trouble than not just getting cleaned. You’re contributing to your pimple problem.

  • Diet is Everything

We’ve mentioned it before, but your diet contributes so much to the way your skin looks. Vitamin-rich foods are going to help combat stubborn acne, and it truly will help your skin glow! Eating a lot of highly-processed or sugary foods? More than likely, most of your acne will clear up when you start taking care of your diet!

  • Everyday Habits

On your phone a lot? Touching your face with your hands out of habit? How about leaning on your hand while working? Sorry to break it to you, but these little everyday habits can transfer pore-blocking oils. Uh oh! No need to worry though, just switching some of these habits out for better ones can help you out. For example, cleaning your phone every other day and watching how much you touch your face in general will help significantly.

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For most of us, acne is bound to happen, but with a few simple tips and tricks, we can get it under control. If you are still seeing some major issues, it is probably time to make an appointment to see how we can help you out. Sometimes acne is a little more out of our control than we would like. Call us, let us know the issue, and we will get right on to making your skin look beautiful and totally swoon-worthy.