Dark Circles So, It Isn’t Just Lack of Sleep?

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Oh, dark circles. My too well-known friend. I honestly have gotten to the point that I am shocked if they look a little less dark than they usually do (trust me, that is a huge deal for me). Anyways, as a college student, you can probably guess that my sleep schedule is minimal given the workload. It doesn’t help that I am a major insomniac as well so, you know, dark circles are my unfortunate trademark.

However, I can honestly remember having dark circles for most of my life. Even as a middle schooler, when I was getting plenty of sleep, and they were still there! So, what gives? Why did I still have dark circles even though sleep wasn’t my issue?

News flash: fatigue is not the ONLY thing that can cause dark circles and bags! There are numerous factors that make those dark circles appear. Let’s talk about some of them!

  1. Fatigue

As previously stated, it isn’t the only one, but it is a big one! Sleep is EVERYTHING! Your body needs rest so that it can look and feel its best. The area under the eyes is a thin layer of skin, so even just a few hours less sleep can cause the dark tissues and blood vessels just below your skin to show.


  1.  Eye Strain

Yep, so if you are staring at a digital screen all day, sorry to tell you that this can be a cause! I feel you, so don’t worry. I am always writing or designing something for my classes, so my work is on my laptop! So, try to take a few screen breaks in your day to give your eyes the break they deserve.

  1. Dehydration

Next to sleep, we really can’t stress the importance of drinking water enough! Hello, you need it! If the body is not intaking an adequate amount of water, the skin beneath your eyes dulls, and it can even cause your eyes to look sunken. Give your kin that hydration and bounce back with some water throughout your day.

  1. Genetics

Yes. I know, it is unfortunate but true. It is an inherited trait that can even be seen in childhood, aka the reason for my middle school dark circles. They can worsen as you grow older or they can disappear! Well, we all know mine didn’t. Also, if certain medical conditions run in your family, like thyroid disease, this can also account for your dark circles.

eye bags

To combat these dark circles, there are several ways you can treat them at home (cold compresses, extra, sleep, and head elevation). However, for more severe cases or permanent treatments, seek medical advice. Our medical professionals at Luminessence can help guide you in the right direction with dark circle treatments, one of those being a chemic peel, which is a common service at our med-spa (score!).

Be right back guys, I am about to go book an appointment now. Bye!


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