Dermaplaning Treatments and What to Expect When You Get One

by | Mar 17, 2021 | Tips & Tricks

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The easiest way to explain dermaplaning in a few words is this: it is kind of like shaving your face. However, this does not entail that you could simply go shave your face and have the same results. It is something you should be going to a skin specialist, dermatologist, or other medical professionals for so that you may get the best and most accurate results. So, this sophisticated “face shaving” works to get rid of facial hair (peach fuzz, I am looking at you) so that your skin not only feels baby soft, but it helps give a smooth base for foundation. Some dermatologists refer to it as a super-charged exfoliator, so if you are a regular exfoliator, this could totally be something right up your alley.

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The benefits of dermaplaning are really pretty awesome for most anyone that tries it, but obviously, everyone’s skin will have slightly different results. Though, you can realistically expect to see a visibly smoother skin surface, no peach fuzz, and even brighter appearing skin! You are not only removing your facial hairs but also dead skin cells, so your skincare products will actually work more effectively after a dermaplaning treatment because it can better absorb into the skin. Also, a big difference between dermaplaning and shaving at home is that when you do an at-home shave, you’re only removing peach fuzz. Therefore, your dead skin cells and coarse hairs will still remain. Plus, at-home treatments can be a terrible idea if you have any skin sensitivities at all. Dermaplaning is a safer and more thorough option for your skin smoothing needs.


However, as we have all come to figure out, not everyone’s skin is the same. Therefore, dermaplaning might not be the best treatment for some people, while for others, it would be your wonder treatment! So, before trying any treatment out, make sure to consult a skincare professional at Luminessence to determine your best plan of treatment and to see if dermaplaning is right for you. Luckily, this treatment is a hit with most skin types, so get to dermaplaning!