Lip Shapes & Fillers: The Need to Know Before You Go

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Lips are one of the focal points of the face, and every pair of lips has its own unique and beautiful qualities. However, sometimes we can be unhappy and dissatisfied with certain features on our face. Science has allowed for new cosmetic treatments to become possible so that we can create the best versions of ourself! If you feel like the best way to do is through cosmetic treatment, then so be it!

However, before you go out there just getting a lip filler because you don’t love your lips, you must figure out what treatment fits your lip shape the best! There is no one size fits all on lip treatments, so to make sure you get the best results, let’s make sure you’re making the best and most informed decision you can!

First and foremost, let’s discuss the anatomy of lips.  The upper portion of your lips where that little dip is, is called the Cupid’s Bow. Cute, right? Then we have the vermillion border next to that on both sides, the oral commissures at the edges of your lips, and lastly, the dip between your nose and lips is called the philtrum.

lip anatomy

Courtesy of Cosmetic Injectables

General lip anatomy is also important to know before going all out on fillers, just so you know exactly where you are getting filler and if you want that adjusted.

Now, for lip types. All lips are different, and there are many distinct lip types. The photo below showcases several lip types, so that you may be able to identify your type below. Fun fact: mine are gull wings!

Types of lips

Courtesy of Cosmetic Injectables

Now, there are many ways to improve your lip shape, whether it is due to age or just general cosmetic need! For lip lines, we can directly inject into the impacted area and get those lips smooth and full again.

Now for lifting the corners of lips, this can definitely be more impacted by lip shape simply because some have fuller edges than others. This can definitely be beneficial for thing outer lips and shelf lips!

If you’re looking to simply add fullness and enhancing your lip shapes, fillers can produce many different desired results. We can use fillers to create a natural looking enhancement that does not try to go against your lip shape. So whether you have full lips or shelf lips, we can absolutely adjust filler amounts and where to inject the filler for a beautiful set of lips!

So go ahead and book an appointment with us today, or call us to talk about what filler treatment works for your needs!


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