Summer Skincare Basics and Must-Dos

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Smoooooth like butter, criminal undercover… sorry guys, but the new BTS song ‘Butter’ has been stuck in my head ever since it came out. If you haven’t heard it yet, ooh girl get on it! It is going to be the defining song of summer 2021 for me, I already know it. It is super catchy and truly a bop. Anyways… I brought it up because this summer, don’t you want skin as smooth as butter? I think yes! So, today I bring you the best of the best summer skincare tips. With the higher temps getting us outside to tan (but also sweat) we need to take care of our skin in a way that lets us live our summer lifestyle without worrying about skin problems! It can be harder to prevent breakouts and prevent sun damage in the summer without proper care, so let’s see what all we should be doing since summer is officially here!

First of all, your skin routine should be lighter than it is in the winter! So, that is a huge plus. Instead of doing EXTRA skincare to keep yourself looking clear and bright, you can actually lessen it up a bit. High temperatures and humidity do not do well with heavy oil and cream based cleansers (helloooo sweat), so opt for a foaming cleanser instead! This will help keep your face hydrated without causing excess oil from your cleanser to make you sweat even more!

Pool Floaties

Another tip is to switch up your moisturizer. Dermatologists recommend using a dual moisturizer that acts as sunscreen and moisturizer. This will lighten the load on your face while keeping it moisturized and protected from sun damage! So, don’t completely stop moisturizing (trust me, your skin still needs it), but definitely invest in a dual-purpose one. Moisturizing helps to reinforce the outermost layer of the skin and protect it from harmful chemicals and pollutants. Basically, your skin still needs to be nourished and cared for much the same way even in the humidity of summer!

Lastly, you’re going to want to exfoliate a little bit more than usual! I know, we always tell you to not over-exfoliate, but if you have oily skin or just clogged up pores from the heat and plowing on the sunscreen, definitely exfoliate a few days a week! Now, don’t just go exfoliating every day because that is a whole slew of problems waiting to happen, but slowly increasing it slowly to three days a week or so is a solid plan. This will open up those pores and remove the excess oil that causes all those summer breakouts we hate to see.


Do these simple steps and you’re sure to have a true hot girl summer, as the kids say these days. Your skin will be glowing like none other, and guess what… it’ll be smooth as butter, baby!


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