The colder weather is officially here, and so is the wind, snow, and darker days to accompany it. That being said, just because the sun is not creating that intense summer heat and sunshine does not mean you can slack on your skincare routine. In fact, do not put your sunblock up just yet, you need it just as much as you did in July!

You are probably asking yourself why you should be wearing it. Well, if you plan on doing any winter adventuring, whether it be hiking, skiing, or even just being outside for a period of time, you should wear sunscreen. Exposure to UV radiation actually increases with sea level so those participating in outdoor winter activities like skiing or hiking have a higher chance than a beachgoer in the summer.

Sea level is not the only thing that strengthens these rays… Did you know that snow and ice actually reflect up to 90% of UV rays emitted by the Sun?  The temperature outside makes no difference in the effect UV rays have on your skin! Just like in the summer, these can increase your chances of skin cancer, and they are also the cause of wrinkles too! Everyone wants to prevent wrinkly skin as long as possible so why not take the first step on wearing sunblock on your face.

Lastly, it is important to wear sunscreen in the colder months because of the thinner ozone layer. So, since our biggest protector from the harmful rays is at its weakest in the winter, it is just as important to take care of your skin. Since there is an increase in UV rays and it works with the powerful wind to be a ferocious beast upon your delicate skin. When you wear sunblock, you are able to prevent some of this damage, and in the long run, your skin will thank you for taking that extra step to protect it.