Three Easy Ways to Fight Wrinkles

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Okay kings and queens, listen up. Today I am going to talk to you about wrinkle prevention. We all want to know the secrets to aging gracefully! You truly can’t deny it, and why would you want to? If our bodies are a temple, then I’m trying to have a temple that looks good for a long time! The first step in doing that: healthy and not wrinkly skin.

Now, of course, wrinkles aren’t entirely preventable, for example, I hate to break it to you, but eventually, time will get to you. However, let’s try and slow down Father Time by doing ourselves the favor of starting wrinkle prevention early on. Many people were under the impression for the longest time that they didn’t need to worry about using anti-aging products until they were way past their twenties.

The joke is on all of us. By your 20th birthday, you should start taking anti-aging methods seriously! It is totally fine if you are over 20 and reading this and you haven’t been using such products. Just consider starting now if you want to keep that baby-soft and taut skin of yours!

Let’s go over a few ways you can start to prevent wrinkles and get a good skincare routine in check.

1 The Sun is Not Your Friend

Your true friend is sunscreen. We talked about the importance of sunscreen here, but let me say it again: the sun = wrinkles. You need to be using sunscreen literally all the time. You walk outside to take the trash out? Sweetie, I better see your skin protected by some high quality sunscreen! The sun is very much so a damaging little guy even if it is rainy and grey. Trust me.

Happy Clear Skin

2 Moisturizer is Good, but Don’t Rely on It

I am telling you that you need a good moisturizer, and you should use it adequately. However, do not trust all the ads that say moisturizer will completely nix your chances of wrinkles. That is a lie. Moisturizer works to hydrate and brighten the skin, which is great, but that doesn’t mean it prevents wrinkles entirely. It can lessen the appearance of wrinkles as well, but still, that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. That being said, having hydrated and bright skin is still a major step in having a solid foundation. You need a great foundation to even hope to prevent those wrinkles, I can promise you that!

3 Nourish Your Body

Eating foods that are good for your body can quite literally prevent aging. Um, yes, sign me up! Good fats such as olive oil, avocados, and nuts are great ways to fill your skin with antioxidants and make that skin shine! Cutting back on highly processed foods such as those with lots of simple sugars and carbs can also be really helpful. High amounts of sugar can cause inflammation and damage the collagen fibers that keep your skin plump and smooth. That’s why a healthy diet is not only helpful to the rest of your body, but it also is a way to help slow down Father Time on your skin!


I don’t know about you guys, but I think I might need to go some more moisturizer and sunscreen. I am not trying to have wrinkles by the time I am 30! If you feel like the products you’re using aren’t working or don’t know where to even begin, don’t hesitate to call Luminessence. We can schedule a consultation and get you sorted out right away so your skin is looking fab for years!




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