Vascular Treatment: Improving Veiny Appearances

by | Dec 21, 2021 | Tips & Tricks

Vascularity and super noticeable appearance of spider veins and varicose veins can be something that causes you self-consciousness. I am pretty young still, but for a very long time I can remember having a little patch of spider veins that people always comment on. It has always made me pretty self-conscious and as a teen, I always wanted there to be a way I can reduce them so people would stop talking about it.

However, the older I have gotten, the less I cared about what people thought about my appearance, and I started living for myself. I stopped worrying about the spider veins on my shoulder and started wearing things I normally wouldn’t have because of them. Self-confidence can do a lot for you, and if you feel like lessening the appearance of your vascularity will help you, then go for it!

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Sometimes this goes beyond looks, as spider veins and varicose veins can also cause discomfort, fatigue, and such other things. Seeking vascular treatment can be a way to not only improve appearance but to also dramatically lessen pain and swelling wherever the veins may be impacting.

With Clarity Vascular Reduction Treatments, we at Luminessence can treat spider veins, facial veins, rosacea, and even broken capillaries. This is a treatment designed by physicians, made to produce optimal results

This is essentially a laser treatment that has mild discomfort throughout the treatment, but the pain is quickly gone. Results are fairly quick, but it is contingent upon everyone’s own body and therefore it is variable among each person. Treatments last anywhere between 5-15 minutes, so not too long!

Clarity Vascular Reduction Treatment can be just the right treatment for you if you feel yourself struggling with any apparent vein issues and other similar problems. This is an innovative treatment that has changed many a life! Don’t miss out on your opportunity to improve your own.

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